We started as a farm welding shop in Hoople, ND. Through the years this welding shop became Kringstad Ironworks and moved to nearby Park River, ND. As Kringstad Ironworks grew and began to focus on specialized contract work, the decision was made to branch Safe-T-Pull into its own company. As Safe-T-Pull continued to grow and diversify by adding additional products lines, we rebranded into STP Manufacturing to better reflect our business as a whole. The company has remained family owned and operated, and is the home of the following brands: Crop Shuttle, Strong Box, Safe-T-Pull, Slingshot Ropes, and Prairie Plastics. We have also partnered with Holmer Maschinenbau to bring self-propelled harvesters to the Red River Valley. STP Manufacturing currently has a 15,700-square-foot facility, with a large inventory of repair and replacement parts.

Our Service

Innovative: When a customer comes to us with a request, we listen. Who better to brainstorm a solution with than the person who uses it daily? We take pride in working close with our customers to bring cutting edge products to the Industry.

Dependable: Minimizing downtime is crucial in any operation, but especially urgent with the short window mother nature provides us to harvest our crops. We have several trained mechanics and field techs that work around the clock to make sure you are rolling no matter what time of day it is.

Capable: Not only do we carry a large selection of parts for the products we manufacture, but we also carry an extensive amount of parts for all machinery. Whether you are looking for a bearing, roll tarp, belted chain, or hydraulic motor, we are striving to become your one stop shop.

Versatile: With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, we have more options than most when it comes to versatility. Throughout the years, STP has brought many products past the idea stage and into production. Our diversification is what sets us apart, bringing products across industries to solve everyday problems.

Experienced: Customer training plays an essential role in operating any machinery efficiently. STP conducts on site training that not only includes how to operate our products, but on how to adjust them, when to adjust them and how to properly maintain them.